The Group Sustainability Plan

The primary objective of the Group’s sustainability plan is to identify ways in which the Group can improve its sustainability performance and manage some of the risks associated with sustainability. The plan aims to provide a framework for improving the sustainability of the organisation as a whole, and for making sustainability decisions based on the sustainability plan. It accordingly frames the organisation’s sustainability aspirations as realisable goals, by laying out specific implementation steps and establishing metrics for measuring the results of these.

Each of our material issues identified in the sustainability plan is described in terms of:

  • the existence and communication of relevant and effective policies;
  • management processes;
  • benchmarks and targets;
  • third party systems or standards;
  • supply chain interventions/requirements/influences;
  • stakeholder engagement;
  • the recording of information and the filtering of this information through reporting processes; and
  • leveraging success internally and externally.

The Group Sustainability Barometer

In order to quantify the Group’s success in achieving its sustainability targets, a sustainability barometer is being developed to provide the Group with a simple mechanism through which to approach the sustainability plan. The barometer includes the key aspects of the sustainability plan and examines the following:

  • area of focus (material aspect)
  • objective
  • measurement
  • target

The barometer is intended to form the basis of management approaches to material issues, through engagement and discussion at regular meetings. It is intended that the Group’s executive management reviews material issues on an annual basis, during the reporting process, in order to establish whether additional aspects should be incorporated into the barometer. This process is intended to support the practice of “integrated thinking” within the Group, and to promote a fully integrated approach to management, as recommended by King III. The barometer is considered to be an effective sustainability management tool that can grow in scope over time.

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