Our Company

Master Plastics consists of a group of companies involved in the manufacture and provision of various products and solutions to customers operating in the agricultural, food, produce, dairy and general industrial markets.

Its offering extends beyond just traditional plastic products, also being a market leader in the supply and design of undercover farming nets and structures, and geotextile fibres for concrete reinforcement. The Master Plastics Group will continue to explore opportunities to better service its chosen end markets and provide a broader range of its customer’s requirements.


A Food Safety accredited company (ISO 22000/PAS 223/FDA) manufacturing a wide range of extruded films for - amongst other things - lamination, multi-layer and high barrier applications, including thermo-formable base and lidding, vacuum bags and tubing, valve and cheese maturation bags.



Manufactures, designs and installs a wide range of nets utilised in an array of agricultural markets for specifically crop protection and sustainable farming applications. Also produces nets and rope utilised in commercial markets and geotextile fibres for the re-enforcement of concrete structures.


A BRC accredited company manufacturing a wide range of decorated and undecorated bags for use in the food and grocery, fruit, fresh produce, bread and dairy markets, many of which are produced exclusively under license by the company in South Africa.